Sea View: An Answer

The Netherlands, Katwijk – February 2023

Sometimes the color and mono have a fight. Two totally different tones and feelings to the same photo. And an answer to the question I phrased in the previous two posts.

This week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge 240 is hosted by John Steiner. He invites to show my favorite type or style of photography as the road I have chosen to take most often. And – I was not really honest when I wrote this – that creates a bit of a problem for me. I might need direction.

Basically my attention gets caught and produces an image. It is not conscious, it is in the context where I am. And it results in an array of subjects. It is easier to say what road I do not take: fashion, portraits, urban. But travel, cities, landscapes etc are part of the portfolio.

I asked visitors feedback, and I am happy that those who took time to answer (thank you!) confirmed my own view on ‘my work’. Describing it as ‘random variety’ ‘context orientated’; I am in the place I should be (and I feel comfortable in). And it is a true pleasure to receive these kind phrased comments. So: I keep doing what I do, snap in context, it is fun!

Shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version

Comments, remarks and feedback are well appreciated!!!

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