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The Netherlands, Oegstgeest – April 2021

The theme for his week Lens-artists challenge #145 is ‘getting to know you’. A phenomenon I know my entire life is the weather. However, it still has it surprises, ice rain on a Spring Day?

Shot with iPhone 11 Pro Max edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version

9 Responses to “Melt”

  1. scillagrace

    Thanks for joining the challenge and sharing another of Earth’s unique phenomena! April is a month full of natural surprises in many places around the globe. When I lived in the snowy Midwest, April’s occasional return to winter made me really frustrated. I do need to learn more patience!

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    • Chris Breebaart

      Well nature has its own ways fortunately, we just have to learn to accept and embrace what is on offer! patience is part of that I think. Thank you for guest hosting the LAP this week.

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