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The Netherlands, Rotterdam – October 2020

The theme for Lens-artists Weekly Photo Challenge #118 is ‘Communication’.

Architecture can be used to communicate wealth or power. An example in the history of The Netherlands are the canal houses in Amsterdam. A more modern ‘show off’ of wealth is the ING House on the A10 in Amsterdam. A rather small Head Office on a very expensive piece of land. And building high risings is another example where (not only) Dutch cities build literally their image and show off economic power. This is Delftse Poort, til 2009 the highest building in The Netherlands. The five highest buildings in The Netherlands are all in Rotterdam (this is the ranking).

Shot with iPhone 11 Pro Max edited using Snapseed and Marksta. Click the picture for a larger version

4 Responses to “Power”

    • Chris Breebaart

      Thank you Tina, if you want to see more of this modern glasshouse, click the links. And if you like architecture, have a look at the other link about Rotterdam with the highest buildings in The Netherlands, Apparently we do not want to look flat forever 🙂



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