Quest: Valetta

The weekly theme is ‘quest’.

The moment I saw this scene on a hot Sunday afternoon in Valletta on Malta, I knew I had to take a photo. In my imagination there are lots of stories about the woman, and why she was walking there deep in thoughts. Maybe she was bequested by life at that moment. Sometimes I feel that taking a photo at a certain moment is like being an intruder in someone’s life. This is one of these moments.

Malta, Valetta – September 2011

Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta. Click the picture for a bigger version

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17 thoughts on “Quest: Valetta

  1. Thanks, Chris! I’m not fond of photographing people. When snapping spontaneously, it feels like an intrusion. When snapping with their knowledge, it feels masked. [Sigh] 😉 xoM


  2. Beautiful composition. The “smallness” of the woman against the dreary wall of the building evokes such strong emotion and, yes, begs the question: what is her story.

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