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Repurpose: Wind Power

This weekly  theme is repurpose.

Windmills on the coast of Norfolk.

England, Norfolk – September 2016

Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta. Click the picture for a bigger version

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More Choices (Kiting near Cape of Good Hope)

This time two colored photos and one monochrome one. For me it is about the noise (not sound but visual imperfections of the sensor of the D70 caused by a very high ISO level :-), yes my fault). All three suffer from this. Question remains: monochrome or color? What do you prefer?


Originally shot with Nikon D70, tweaked with Snapseed and Marksta. Click the images for a larger version 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs (along the Thames)

This weekly photo challenge is about ‘signs’. Here are some signs near the river Thames from Greenwich and near Tower Bridge. One sign is iconic: The Cutty Sark. The others are the names of old warehouses, now being transformed in expensive apartments.

Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta. Click the picture for a larger version.




Wind Mill

Icons of The Netherlands: wooden shoes, tulips and wind mills. Here is the same wind mill (the Broekdijkmolen) near Warmond. I hardly transfer colour photos to black and white. So now I shot one in colour and one in black and white. Some like colour, some like black and white. Just voice your opinion!

Shot with iPhone 5s using Huemore (colour) and Hueless  (monochrome) edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version


Jacques Brel: Le Plat Pays/Mijn vlakke land (My Flat Land)

One of Belgium’s most famous citizens is Jacques Brel.
Most of his songs are in French.
One of them is about Belgium, Le Plat Pays translated in Dutch as Mijn vlakke land.
It tells about West Flanders where his family originated from.
Brel originally recorded the French version but later recorded the translated Dutch lyrics by Ernst van Altena as well.

These pictures are taken there, between Brugge and Oostende.
As always from the road and from behind the line that marks the edge of it.
Looking at Brel, behind the lines.

Below the photographs the  lyrics of his chanson in French, English and Dutch.

Shot with iPhone 5s using Huemore edited using Snapseed and Marksta
Click the picture for a larger version



Jacques Brel – Le Plat Pays

Avec la mer du Nord pour dernier terrain vague
Et les vagues de dunes pour arrêter les vagues
Et de vagues rochers que les marées dépassent
Et qui ont à jamais le cœur à marée basse
Avec infiniment de brumes à venir
Avec le vent de l’est écoutez le tenir
Le plat pays qui est le mien

Avec des cathédrales pour uniques montagnes
Et de noirs clochers comme mâts de cocagne
Où des diables en pierre décochent les nuages
Avec le fil des jours pour unique voyage
Et des chemins de pluie pour unique bonsoir
Avec le vent d’ouest écoutez le vouloir
Le plat pays qui est le mien

Avec un ciel si bas qu’un canal s’est perdu
Avec un ciel si bas qu’il fait l’humilité
Avec un ciel si gris qu’un canal s’est pendu
Avec un ciel si gris qu’il faut lui pardonner
Avec le vent du nord qui vient s’écarteler
Avec le vent du nord écoutez le craquer
Le plat pays qui est le mien

Avec de l’Italie qui descendrait l’Escaut
Avec Frida la blonde quand elle devient Margot
Quand les fils de Novembre nous reviennent en Mai
Quand la plaine est fumante et tremble sous Juillet
Quand le vent est au rire, quand le vent est au blé
Quand le vent est au sud, écoutez le chanter
Le plat pays qui est le mien

The flat land -> from a lyric translation site (to give you an impression)

With the north sea as a final wasteland
And waves of dunes to hold back the waves
And formless rocks covered by the tides
Whose hearts remain forever at low tide
With the endless mists that are to come
With the wind in the east, listen to it hold fast.
This flat land that is mine

With cathedrals as the only mountains
And black bell towers like pathways to heaven
Where stone devils pull down the clouds
With the passage of time as the only journey
And the wet roads as the only good night
With the wind in the west, listen to it yearn.
This flat land that is mine.

With a sky so low that a canal becomes lost
With a sky so low that it brings humility
With a sky so grey that a canal hangs itself
With a sky so grey that it must be forgiven
With the wind in the north that rips it apart
With the wind in the north, listen to it cracking
This flat land that is mine

With Italy that would descend the Scheldt
With blonde Frida when she becomes Margot
When November sons return to us in May
When the plain is smouldering and trembles in July
When the wind is laughing, when the wind is in the corn
When the wind is in the south, listen to it sing
This flat land that is mine.

Jacques Brel – Mijn Vlakke Land (Ernst van Altena)

Wanneer de Noordzee koppig breekt aan hoge duinen
En witte vlokken schuim uiteenslaan op de kruinen
Wanneer de norse vloed beukt aan het zwart basalt
En over dijk en duin de grijze nevel valt
Wanneer bij eb het strand woest is als een woestijn
En natte westenwinden gieren van venijn
Dan vecht mijn land, mijn vlakke land

Wanneer de regen daalt op straten, pleinen, perken
Op dak en torenspits van hemelhoge kerken
Die in dit vlakke land de enige bergen zijn
Wanneer onder de wolken mensen dwergen zijn
Wanneer de dagen gaan in domme regelmaat
En bolle oostenwind het land nog vlakker slaat
Dan wacht mijn land, mijn vlakke land

Wanneer de lage lucht vlak over ‘t water scheert
Wanneer de lage lucht ons nederigheid leert
Wanneer de lage lucht er grijs als leisteen is
Wanneer de lage lucht er vaal als keileem is
Wanneer de noordenwind de vlakte vierendeelt
Wanneer de noordenwind er onze adem steelt
Dan kraakt mijn land, mijn vlakke land

Wanneer de Schelde blinkt in zuidelijke zon
En elke Vlaamse vrouw flaneert in zon-japon
Wanneer de eerste spin zijn lentewebben weeft
Of dampende het veld in juli-zonlicht beeft
Wanneer de zuidenwind er schatert door het graan
Wanneer de zuidenwind er jubelt langs de baan
Dan juicht mijn land, mijn vlakke land








Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned (Dune)

This week photo challenge is ‘abandoned’.

A detail of the dunes in Noordwijk.
Grass and sand waiting for the company of the sun.
Standing up against the tough wind.
I could not decide between color or monochrome.

shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta
Click the picture for a larger version

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Dune Panorama

A stitched panorama of the dunes in Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands, Hoek van Holland – September 2013

Shot with Iphone 4 using Hueless,  stitched with Autostitch edited using Snapseed and Marksta
Click the picture for a larger version


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (Walks)

The weekly photo challenge this week is ‘sea’.

The border between sea and land is interesting.
Where water and land meet things happen and activities start.
Walking there with your head in the wind brings new energy and space.
This is near the Utah Beach Memorial in Normandy in France.


France, Utah Beach – August 2013

Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta
Click the picture for a bigger version

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