Hill of Tara and Stone of Scone and Coronation Chair

Ireland, Hill of Tara – October 2008

The Hill of Tara was the location for the inauguration of the High Kings of Ireland. The candidate should lay his hand on the stone, and if earth roared in acceptance, the candidate should be King. The present stone is not the original one. The original Lia Fáil (Irish for “stone of destiny”) used at Tara for inaugurating the High Kings of Ireland, was taken by the King of Scotland and move to Scone. In 1296, during the First Scottish War of Independence, King Edward I of England took the stone as spoils of war and removed it to Westminster Abbey, where it was fitted into a wooden chair – known as the Coronation Chair or King Edward’s Chair – on which most subsequent English and then British sovereigns have been crowned. For the full story I refer to Wikipedia’s Stone of Scone.

shot with Nikon D70, edited using Snapseed and Marksta. Click the picture for a larger version

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