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A Kind Request: Stay Out of the Fields

The Netherlands, Sassenheim – April 2022

Each year the growers of bulbs try to keep the public out of the fields. If people enter the fields there is an imminent risk of diseases to the bulbs. It is impossible to patrol all fields so soft tactics with signs are being used. And some growers have volunteers to address people who do enter their fields. But in the end it all is depending on the behavior and goodwill of people. Unfortunately some think a field is public space. The other day I heard an anecdote about this ‘freedom confusion’. One day a grower saw a family enter his field, passing by at that moment. He noticed that the car of the man was left open. So he sat in the car. The man ran from the field to his car asking ‘what are you doing? this is my car!’. The grower just replied: ‘and that is my field you entered’.

Shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version

4 Responses to “A Kind Request: Stay Out of the Fields”

  1. justbluedutch

    It´s crazy how people´s behaviour can be…!all for the sake of taking photos and disregarding rules!I hope tourists as well would behaved well since a slight stomp on these fields means the whole row of bulbs are damaged.

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    • Chris Breebaart

      It is a start of getting people’s awareness. I remember i was not allowed to walk the pitch of Greenfield Stadium in Cape Town for the same reason. I did not know I could infect grass with my feet 🙂

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