The Last (?) Domino – Genesis

The Netherlands, Amsterdam – March 2022

After fifty years Genesis is touring the world for what seems a final time in The last (?) Domino Tour. I admit I was a bit skeptic, having heard the you-tube video’s of the shows in 2021, given Phil Collins’ health issues. Seeing him enter the stage slowly, sitting down was emotional, and a bit scary. But when he sat he was there, eyes firing, witty (‘now we only have old songs’ (referring to his anger at a Dutch audience in 1981 in Leiden), playing the audience as he used to do. And singing his heart out. No longer able to play the drums. He is fragile, but what a persona on stage, his voice beautifully supported by two backing singers, and his son Nic Collins on drums. What a talent. The other oldies Mike Rutherford (hopping around as always) and Tony Banks (stoic and focused), with Daryl Stuermer blowing the roof of the Ziggo Dome. At times it was emotional, the music was a bright mix of their prog and pop period, with standards (I know what I like) and classics (Cinema Show, In that Quiet Earth/Afterglow, Firth of Fifth). Standing the age of time, showing an impressive body of work over the years. It was a beautiful and moving farewell, that ended with The Carpet Crawlers: you got to get in to get out. Chills and goose bombs, perfect sound and a band at work smoothly, after a break of 15 years. Thanks for the memories guys.

And it was a nice time to use my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version

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