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Street Paris 2000

France, Paris – April 2000

The 136th Weekly Lens Artists Challenge is about ‘things that start with the letter S’.
A street scene in Paris April 2000.

The B4 retouch series
I browsed my archive for pictures to publish. All of them are not completely retouched yet. Scratches, dust and stains are not removed.
Shot with Nikon F90 on Kodak TriX, scanned from film and edited using Snapseed and Marksta. Click the picture for a bigger version

6 Responses to “Street Paris 2000”

    • Chris Breebaart

      When I picked this one while scanning my negatives, I started to wonder about this man. I have two more photos of people playing a small organ with an animal in tge street. This guy got a dog, that sleeps in the bed. You just can’t see him. I think he is homeless and making money this way. Then I did just the picture, now I see the story and I can feel why he looked at me this way.

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