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(not my) Place in the World – Clothes for Dogs

The weekly theme is ‘place in the world’. Where do you belong? Images of the place I live, my place(s) in the world.

Number 5: I definitely not belong to this. I like dogs, but clothing them up like humans is too much for me. This shop has loads of costumes for dog. And yes, even dogs may have nothing to wear…….. or is that clever marketing?

The Netherlands, Den Haag – May 2018

Shot with iPhoneX edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version

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6 Responses to “(not my) Place in the World – Clothes for Dogs”

  1. Kathleen Jennette

    Dogs have been bred for indoors and only some for outdoors these days. I have a little doxie. He’s the first one of the breed I have ever had. The rest have always been big bruts with a lot of fur. Doxies like to be warm as they are bred for indoor lap dogs, which is what I wanted. He shivers when its cold outside so as a good dog owner I throw a t-shirt on him and he is instantly better for the walks. Depends on the dog. Doxies are very loving, but I swear I will never have another. Talk about high maintenance…

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