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Strandhill 2008 (available light)

Ireland, Strandhill – October 2008

This weeks challenge #186 is ‘Low Light’. Using the available light is primarily a question of creativity and secondarily the available technology. The advice when using a Kodak Instamatic (a very old point and shoot film camera in the 1970’s) was to keep the sun in the back. My advice is not to do that. When using film it was a calculated guess (the result came after developing of the film). Nowadays in digital times the result is immediately available on your camera, hence a source of more playing around and tweaking. Playing with light is playing with the source of light. This photo of Strandhill was taken on a ‘normal’ sunny day. The angle used makes it much more dramatic. This photo ‘See Sea’ gives an idea of the light as it was that day. The fog and dark sky added to the atmosphere (in the Archive Ireland you can find two more photo’s of this perspective taken at the same moment).

Strandhill in Sligo is a small town, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean to the West. Rising over it is Knocknarea with Queen Maeve.

shot with Nikon D70, edited using Snapseed and Marksta.  Click the picture for a larger version.

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