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Autumn 2022 – Grass Game

The Netherlands, Oegstgeest – November 2022

The theme for the weekly lens artists challenge is ‘textures‘. Grasses in Autumn with a bit of sun behind deliver magic each time. I deliberately kept the focus on one, so you have to fill in the texture of the rest in your mind.

Shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version

Grass 3

The Netherlands, Oegstgeest – June 2021

The theme for this week Lens-artists challenge #154 is ‘one photo two ways’. Monday I posted the first one of these perspectives, yesterday the second. This is the one that I like best, the hint of the plumes in the light.

Shot with Nikon D500, edited using Snapseed and Marksta. Click the picture for a bigger version

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