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A face in the Crowd – Horse Shows Face

The weekly theme is ‘a face in the crowd’.

At The Brendon PyeCombe  Show Ground in West-Sussex.

England, Brighton – May 2017

Shot with Nikon D500, edited using Snapseed and Marksta. Click the picture for a bigger version

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New Year Clean Up (1): Horses in Fog

A new year is the moment for a lot of people to make resolutions. There are 364 other days in the year to start something new,  so why is January 1st so popular? Each day is an opportunity and I decided to start to clean up some photos lying around from last year. They are in my archive for a while waiting for publication: some did not have a subject, others were left out. This is the first post in a short series to empty my  virtual desk. Horses in the fog of a late Summer morning in Faygate near Rusper.

About the B4 retouch series:
I browsed my archive for pictures to publish in – an originally – small series. That series caught on a bit more than I thought. All of them are not retouched yet. Scratches, dust and stains are not removed.

Originally shot with Pentax Espio 115M on Kodak TriX, scanned and edited using Snapseed and Marksta

Rusper, England

A set of photos from my last visit to Rusper.


Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta.  Click the picture for a larger version








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