Views, Visitors and Likes (aka WordPress Statistics)

Normally each day I publish a photo with some words. Not in this post. Something is bothering me. The amount of ‘views’ from ‘visitors’ on my blog relative to the amount of ‘likes’.

In 1999 I started publishing photos on the internet via my website. In 2008 I started this blog on WordPress. The main  reason to ‘be’ on the internet was to experience what it is like to be visible there. A typical photo album on paper, stored on a bookshelf at home, is not seen by a lot of eyes. The potential of more people visiting my ‘work’  was very appealing (it still seems silly to point at my photography skills as work, it is more trying to get better at taking photos in my style). Just after I started I was surprised by the number of people seeing my photos. Especially on this blog I have a lot of people who subscribe to my publications. And I am even more surprised by the amount of feed back and ‘likes’ I get.

So what is bothering me?

Since WordPress introduced the Reader I receive more likes a day then views of a page. Meaning that people apparently click on ‘like’ in the Reader without visiting the page by opening it in a browser. Don’t get me wrong: I am grateful for the attention and the appreciation a  ‘like’ offers. On the other hand I know that my ‘views’ could be almost double if people actually visited the page on this blog. There are probably valid reasons why WordPress creates statistics this way. But maybe they could add a new statistic: views in Reader? Or count the views in Reader as a ‘view’?

Is this all that important? At the end of the day it is about me and having fun and pleasure to look around in the world and frame what strikes me. And present some of that to my ‘public’. We Dutch like to complain about lots of things; and I am no different. My grumpiness is about WordPress and the way they (for whatever reason) lead users into content. Let me make it clear: I am very happy and fortunate about my statistics. A lot of people who are genuinely appreciate the photos I am publishing here. Their support (that is how it feels) keeps me motivated to keep looking around, see things and frame and shoot them. Thank you for your support.

And if I am wrong about the above – since I am not an expert – please let me know. It would be nice to have a WordPress reaction to this.

What do you think about likes, views, visitors?