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Annual Report 2016 (warning, it is boring)

This year WordPress Staff decided not to create the charming annual report for each blogger. That is a shame. I always enjoyed to see how the year unfolded, shaped into a nice, funny presentation. Because all data are available to users, the decision was made not to do it.

However I like to finalize 2016 for myself. In 2016 12.152 visitors viewed my blog 28.657 times, and I published 400 posts. Most of the visitors come from the USA. The top 3 of most viewed posts (otherwise it gets really boring).

The most visited post is – surprisingly – one of July 2014 with 275 views Jacques Brel: Le Play Pays/Mijn vlakke land (My Flat Land). The second is WPC: Weightless (Falling Diagonally) with 160 views, followed in third by Abstract (letting Go) with 148 views.

Thank you all for visiting my blog in 2016. I hope to see you in 2017.

10 Responses to “Annual Report 2016 (warning, it is boring)”

  1. Jet Eliot

    I was sorry to see the new year end without WP’s annual report, I guess they were too busy answering to all the complaints about the new Reader. But clever of you to gather your own statistics, thanks for the solution, Chris.

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