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Optimistic (After Rain…)

This week’s theme is ‘optimistic’.When it rains you just know that it will stop and that the sun will come through again. Besides, vegetation needs rain, we need rain for drink water. Rain is not so bad at all!



England, Southwell – December 2015

Shot with iPhone 5s using Hueless,  edited using Snapseed and Marksta, click for a bigger version

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16 Responses to “Optimistic (After Rain…)”

  1. Jean Reinhardt

    After all the rain and storms we’ve been having in this part of the world it isn’t surprising that we should think of the weather for this week’s photo challenge. 🙂 Thanks for the pingback Chris.


  2. pierrmorgan

    Nice shot in black and white. Really highlights those storm clouds. Thanks for the pingback! I’m having a deja vu about this street and the half timber building on the corner…Is there a pub there?…1993…

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  3. Su Leslie

    Love this shot. It makes me very homesick for England (it’s 7am, 25 degrees C, overcast and will probably be 31 with 99% humidity by mid-afternoon).

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