Monochrome Madness Theme Country (Yemen)

I have not participated in a while, but seeing Leanne’s wonderful photos of her trip to the USA,  I realized that it was a good moment to start participating again. This week theme is ‘country’. At a glance you add ‘western’ but I am not into photos of line dancing! So I browsed my collection of photos that are my stock for my blog and found photos of a trip to Yemen in 1998. At the moment the situation in Yemen is far from peaceful or safe. In 1998 it was quite a safe place to go to and a wonderful experience to be in this beautiful country.

Monochrome Madness:
Leanne Cole is an Australian photographer; each week she organizes a ‘monochrome madness’. Every four weeks there is a theme, and the other weeks are open for any monochrome photo. 

About the B4 retouch series:
I browsed my archive for pictures to publish in – an originally – small series. That series caught on a bit more than I thought. All of them are not retouched yet. Scratches, dust and stains are not removed.


Jemen, near Manakah – March 1998

Shot with Nikon F90 on Kodak TriX, scanned from film and edited using Snapseed and Marksta . Click the picture for a bigger version.

8 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness Theme Country (Yemen) Leave a comment

  1. That’s an enigmatic shot, it looks otherworldly partly because the landscape feels medieval and the image is so many subtle shades of grey. Great shot. I wish I could visit Yemen but it doesn’t feel like a wise choice these days.

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    1. Thank you Shellie! Yemen is not a place to visit right now. The photo is indeed medieval and out of time. Quite alienating. The lines are magnificent indeed. Thank you for your kind words!


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