Steve Hackett Revisited

Friday 2nd of October Steve Hackett and band played The Boerderij in Zoetermeer (Boerderij is Dutch for ‘farm’ coincidental the name of the former Genesis studio in Surrey). I saw him twice before. In June 1977 in Rotterdam in one of the last concerts he played as a member of Genesis and  in 1979 in Utrecht as he toured for the first time with his new band.

This concert was a showcase of his solo work from 1975 till now and a section of old Genesis work from 1971-1977. It was an amazing evening: his solo work powerful and energetically put forward by an amazing and gifted band. But most stunning for me were the fresh and powerful interpretations of the Genesis songs.  They showcased the stamp he put on Genesis at that time. And so fresh and amazingly vital, it was hard to realize they are almost 45 years old. Can-Utility and the Coast Liners, Get ’em out by Friday, The Lamb Lies down on Broadway, The Musical Box, Cinema Show and especially After the Ordeal. A wonderful trip down memory lane bringing back fond memories while enjoying the talent of a unique creative guitarist.

For all who are still reading by now  here are some photos.

shot with iPhone 5s using Hueless  and Huemore edited using Snapseed and Marksta, click for a bigger version

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  1. Saw him 1 year ago, I was excited. But there’s a cover band, ‘The Musical Box’, too. They play original copies of old tour concerts. Could see ‘The Lamb….’ Tour and ‘Selling England’ Tour. And it’s really fantastic. I’m too young for the 73/74 tour so I can see it 40 years later. Really fantastic. Want to beam me back in time…

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    1. I heard about them; they are very professional I heard. Peter Gabriel went to see them with his youngest kids and they asked ‘dad, did you really do this on stage?’ He felt a bit embarrassed

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        1. Yes they did. Ok, they said they did. 😉
          All is ‘original’ The whole show. The voice sounds like Gabriel, when he speaks between the songs he use the same words as 1974/5 (they say). It’s strange but it’s great. A perfect sound. The lamb show is really great, and at the end when thay play The Musical Box, you can die for. But the greatest show (for me) was the “Selling England.. ” Show. They played in the second half “Supper’s ready”. It was just fantastic.
          But back to Steve Hackett: he’s a fantastic musician today, and when he played “Firth of Fifth”, only wow!

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        2. Most of the fun is hearing great compositions being played again. So timeless. It brings joy to hear it live, and reminds me of the first time I saw Genesis in 1977 with Hackett. Such a great unbelievable sound, complex and in harmony. If the occasion arises I will see a show of Musical Box.

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