“Nobody can shop forever, or can they?” 

I am not too keen on shopping. However when I am part of a shopping party I am looking for things to do. When I am lucky I can take my camera, but most of the time my iPhone is my best friend. To read news or to take photos. This fellow victim of shopping addiction was framed with the Nikon.

The Netherlands, Leiden – July 2015

Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version.

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  1. Shopping is boring. A female friend of mine was shocked and surprised on how quickly I could choose and buy two pair of shoes (one pair for city, the other pair for trekking). We went to two shops and it was all done in less than 10 minutes.
    I told her it’s because I shop like a man: I go in, find the shoes I need and like, check if they’re comfortable, pay and leave.
    She said it would have taken her at least half a day to do the same, because she would have been going from shop to shop, comparing shoes, thinking about this and that, asking her friends, etc, etc. (as a man you don’t need to worry about what your friend thinks about your shoes, because your friend doesn’t give a shit either.)

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    1. Well this is a stolen picture without the guy knowing. In general it would not surprise me if in public space people will be less appreciative of photographers. Legally they can request to withhold publication using their right of portrait and ownership. I refrain from taking photos of children already if people are troubled by that. On the bright side: it is easy to delete a digital photo and not lose a complete film!!


      1. I do the same very often including not shooting kids. Most often people see me doing it but don’t say anything. In a few occasions they asked me not to, and only once asked me to delete but I wasn’t shooting the person at all and could show it in the camera, so the guy was relieved. I thought he was illegal to be so worried! It was in the market and he was working there selling fruits.


        1. People get more and more sensitive. It is best to stay open for suggestions or complaints. If you are in the photo! And sometimes it is of no importance because you do not increment their rights


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