WPC: Inspiration (Photographer Portrait)

The theme of the WPC Inspiration.  A few weeks ago there was a free open air music festival. I had not visited a concert like this for a long time and was quite surprised. Getting older is not a real problem but it was a small culture shock: a band on a stage using two Apple lights to play music,  thankfully there was a live base and guitar. Another surprise was the way the visitors dressed. Nothing new, my father was appalled by ‘rags’ in the seventies. That is the way he described jeans and denim in my young days.  We bumped into someone whose t-shirt text drew my attention. I spontaneously asked him if I could take his portrait with my iPhone and he agreed. Later I found out he was photographing there as well. Inspiration is what you need to be ‘drawn’ into a photo. Just to make you see ‘it’. And shoot it.

The Netherlands, Leiden – July 2015


Shot with iPhone 5s using Hueless,  edited using Snapseed and Marksta, click for a bigger version.

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  1. “Inspiration is what you need to be drawn into a photo” – LOVE it. That’s a marvelous description. Awesome post… though I’ve mixed feelings on the shirt, haha! 🙂

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