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WPC: Off-Season (Mind the Gap?)

The challenge this week is ‘off-season’.  A street scene in London near Charing Cross Station; walking the city there are multiple views of a division between rich and poverty. Something I am not used to see in Western Europe. It is getting more like a structural division, not an odd off-season one. Villierstreet, London.

England, London – April 2015

Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta Click the picture for a larger version,

12 Responses to “WPC: Off-Season (Mind the Gap?)”

  1. dyule2014

    Wonderful View of all our Countries we all do our help were every we are Thank you


  2. kayrpea61

    I’m a bit surprised you are not seeing this in western Europe – I can picture similar scenes in several cities – Cologne, just to name one


  3. Christina Olsson

    In Sweden nowadays, poor people from Romania (gypsies or whatever you call them. In swedish we say “romer”) come here in great numbers. They sit outside every grocerystore in all kinds of weather, with an emty paper cup begging for money. It’s really sad.

    Really like your picture. ⭐

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