Views, Visitors and Likes (aka WordPress Statistics)

Normally each day I publish a photo with some words. Not in this post. Something is bothering me. The amount of ‘views’ from ‘visitors’ on my blog relative to the amount of ‘likes’.

In 1999 I started publishing photos on the internet via my website. In 2008 I started this blog on WordPress. The main  reason to ‘be’ on the internet was to experience what it is like to be visible there. A typical photo album on paper, stored on a bookshelf at home, is not seen by a lot of eyes. The potential of more people visiting my ‘work’  was very appealing (it still seems silly to point at my photography skills as work, it is more trying to get better at taking photos in my style). Just after I started I was surprised by the number of people seeing my photos. Especially on this blog I have a lot of people who subscribe to my publications. And I am even more surprised by the amount of feed back and ‘likes’ I get.

So what is bothering me?

Since WordPress introduced the Reader I receive more likes a day then views of a page. Meaning that people apparently click on ‘like’ in the Reader without visiting the page by opening it in a browser. Don’t get me wrong: I am grateful for the attention and the appreciation a  ‘like’ offers. On the other hand I know that my ‘views’ could be almost double if people actually visited the page on this blog. There are probably valid reasons why WordPress creates statistics this way. But maybe they could add a new statistic: views in Reader? Or count the views in Reader as a ‘view’?

Is this all that important? At the end of the day it is about me and having fun and pleasure to look around in the world and frame what strikes me. And present some of that to my ‘public’. We Dutch like to complain about lots of things; and I am no different. My grumpiness is about WordPress and the way they (for whatever reason) lead users into content. Let me make it clear: I am very happy and fortunate about my statistics. A lot of people who are genuinely appreciate the photos I am publishing here. Their support (that is how it feels) keeps me motivated to keep looking around, see things and frame and shoot them. Thank you for your support.

And if I am wrong about the above – since I am not an expert – please let me know. It would be nice to have a WordPress reaction to this.

What do you think about likes, views, visitors?

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38 thoughts on “Views, Visitors and Likes (aka WordPress Statistics) Leave a comment

  1. I follow mainly photoblogs and like somebody else already mentioned I too visit the page when the whole text in not shown. If I can see the photograph & text completely in the reader I stay in the reader. But I am with you about this not counting in our stats.


    1. Hi Stephan, the Reader is a very handy tool for viewing photoblogs. I use it the same way as you do. And if you do not click just browse, there is no ‘view’ but if you add a ‘like’ it should be noted in a way (liked in reader?).


    1. Hi Han, I agree, but on the other hand it is nice and motivating to know it is appreciated. But I am not selecting photos that are intending to boost views, I just shoot what I like. But my point is not about that, I just notice WordPress statistics do not make sense, or maybe in a better way: in the old days of browsers and pc’s we had views and visitors only. 🙂 I enjoy your photography of life in Nijmegen!

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  2. I get what you say…it does seem a little disappointing that visitors to my blog click the ‘Like’ but don’t open the page. But that said those brief encounters must mean something….those likes do translate over time to more visits and more ‘Followers’. More importantly from my perspective more comments and interaction. I am nowhere near any of the big hitters on WP but have grown steadily and feel that I have made some good cyber friends and also learnt a great deal from them and their Blogs. My Blog is not commercial…its for fun and that may colour my viewpoint. Blog and enjoy (-:

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  3. I noticed that some posts have more likes than views too, so I used to think that some people ‘liked’ a post but not enough to read the whole thing, but I then noticed that some posts get a lot more views than they do likes, so now I think that at least some people liked the post!

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  4. I have wondered the same thing. I am no expert either but it seems it may be different when I view a post on my PC or on my tablet. On the tablet I click on the preview and go to the full post but it is not the actual website. It takes another step to get to the actual website and it is a little difficult. So I do not know if completing the first step actually is counted as a “view” even though I am seeing the full post. Just another angle to confuse things further… 🙂
    Otherwise I agree with your comments and personally just want to have fun… it is like a hobby.

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  5. I have rather slow internet and blog pages are often slow to load. Even more frustrating is that the slowest part of a post to load is the “like” button. This is why sometimes I prefer to use the Reader and ‘Like’ a photoblog post, especially when I know there is only one photo to be seen and not much text.

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  6. Weirdly, I was thinking about this just before I caught this post.

    I’ve been away for a couple of days, and have been catching up on the blogs I follow / have missed. It’s odd but scrolling down through the images of the posts I haven’t seen since I have been away from the net (something I avoid without question whenever I am away from my home shores), I realised that in day-to-day life I only have time to flick through the ‘headlines’ and like images that do something for me, piquing my interest in some way. I feel bad for doing so, but realistically, I don’t have enough hours in the day to study everybody’s daily posts in depth, and I was wondering how other people manage or cope with it.

    On WordPress, I follow 236 blogs, but of these there are only a handful that I make a point of viewing, either through friendships or long-term following. That’s not to say that I don’t like or appreciate other posts or blogs, it’s just that beyond those handful, something has to draw me in to Like an image, and REALLY catch my attention to view the post in full.

    I’m guessing, from the comments to this post, others are the same and, if anything, what it helps me do it strive to produce an image that will grab people. Not necessarily pandering to the masses, but perfecting what I produce. 🙂

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