Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (Tower of Power)

The weekly challenge is about ‘walls’. Walls erected, seen or unseen, walls built by ourselves or others, signs on walls.

Building higher than others is apparently a symbol of power. Showing off how rich or how smart you are. Telling the rest you are better and more powerful. In this picture the Father of the Fatherland (William of Orange) is looking at the high risings in front of him. Priceless to know what is on his mind while watching.


The Netherlands, Den Haag – March 2014

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (Tower of Power) Leave a comment

  1. I agree how it is a symbol of power – and your guy here reminds me of last week’s wpc word (William of Orange) – and I really enjoyed your photograph for the wall wpc.

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      1. Really! I never knew. You learn something new everyday. That means Den Haag is sort of lice D.C. here in the the U.S. I have been to Haarlem twice and I love it. My sister lived in Wormerveer for a while and then in Zaandam. She is currently here in the States but hopes to be moving back again sometime this summer.


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