Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (Hacilar)

The weekly challenge is about ‘walls’. Walls erected, seen or unseen, walls built by ourselves or others, signs on walls.

The walls that are there on this photo cannot been seen. This is Turkey near Burdur. Hacilar is an old town; it is covered by earth and rocks under this farmland. It is one of the oldest settlements in present Turkey, and has been excavated in 1960 but closed up again. The walls here are the walls humans have build around this old history. Walls of power you can not see. The history of Hacilar is mostly still untold. A matriarch society long ago can apparently be a danger to present society and beliefs.

The B4 retouch series:
I browsed my archive for pictures to publish in – an originally – small series. That series caught on a bit more than I thought. All of them are not retouched yet. Scratches, dust and stains are not removed.

Turkey, Burdur – October 1999


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (Hacilar) Leave a comment

    1. Thank you. This settlement was matriarchal. Which does not fit with present day comfort zones. If you want to read more follow the links to Wikipedia and James Mellaart.


      1. Chris, thanks for the information … I will look him up. I think Unesco’s World Heritage also put up some amazing walls to around our heritage too.


    1. There are two excavations: Hacilar and Catal Hüyük where they found a matriarchial society: women were the clan leaders. That is a bit too much for a male power orientated present Turkish present society.

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