Washing Windows (Louvre Pyramid)

The  pyramid of the Louvre is by some people seen as a stroke of genius by architect Pei. By others the distasteful and unwanted result of putting modern to old buildings. I like the boldness of the mixing of old and modern. The pyramid is the new entrance   and was one of the ‘grand projets’ of former president Mitterand. It made the Louvre open to more spectators. The architect did seemingly not give much thought how to keep the windows of his creation clean. I had to chuckle when I saw this spectacle of mountaineering window cleaning. I published some of them on other occasions, but these cover ‘window cleaning Louvre style’ quite well. I just wonder how they do it today. Does any body know?

The B4 retouch series:
I browsed my archive for pictures to publish in – an originally – small series. That series caught on a bit more than I thought. All of them are not retouched yet. Scratches, dust and stains are not removed.

Originally shot with Nikon F90 on Kodak TriX, scanned and tweaked using Snapseed and Marksta.  Click the picture for a larger version.

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