Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Rotterdam Hotel New York)

The weekly photo challenge is about ‘the rule of thirds’. When taking photos there are some guidelines to compose the photo. One of them is the rule of thirds based on the ‘golden ratio’. The frame is divided in 9 equal parts created by four lines: two horizontal and two vertical.  The subject that needs the ‘attention’ is placed on one of the four crosses in the frame. Playing with composition is an essential part of photography. It determines how the viewer is ‘told’ to look at the photo. Well. Do as you please I say! Here is a non planned rule of third photo. Most of the time looking through a viewer almost instantly leads to a composition. The object makes its own rules or demands to frame it a certain way. Hope you like the way this one presented itself. Hotel New York was the departure for the Holland America Line.

The Netherlands, Rotterdam – June 2008

Originally shot with Nikon D70, tweaked with Snapseed and Marksta. Click the images for a larger version 


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Rotterdam Hotel New York) Leave a comment

  1. Weekly Photo Challenge Rule of Thirds (All along the Watchtower to your success with the Challenge this week
    Success for your goals daily weekly monthly all the best February 28 2015


  2. Bravo! Good shot Chris. Many times the photo does seem to take shape in the lens. All the alert photographer has to do is gently press the button. Thanks for sharing your work.


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