In memory of the victims of flight MH17

Today was a day of national mourning in The Netherlands.
The first 40 coffins with reamins of the victims of flight MH17, that was shot down over East Ukraine last Thursday, arrived to be identified. A cavalcade of 40 hearses. The next days more cavalcades will follow.
To bring them finally back to their loved ones.

The sentiment and feelings of a lot of  people were voiced very well by Frans Timmermans,
the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs, in the UN Security Council.

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  1. I avoided all coverage and don’t have anything suitable to add . This mentality cannot be excused but what is the answer. There is no answer.


        1. Thank you, I thought perhaps I offended you with my profanity . It just makes to so angry and retaliation just perpetuates the issue .. Sigh


        2. And I was a bit emotional. We were in one of the Villages last night that lost two entire families……


  2. Thinking of you and the people of the Netherlands together with all the other countries who lost their citizens on this oh so sad national day of mourning.


  3. I should greatly have preferred Bishop to allow Timmermans to put the motion instead of leaping in to make herself ‘stand out’. In fact, it wouldn’t have mattered who put the motion in a matter like this – it would have been accepted. I feel deeply for you, but nothing can make it any better.


    1. well, australia is member of the security council. dunno why we gave oz the lead. does not matter, we are in it together. i have no hope in changing the world, i just hope i can change my little world around me. and it is sad but it is not the end of the world, life goes on


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