Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Lois and Lyno)

This week photo challenge is ‘letters’.

Meet Lois and Lyno.
Yesterday we celebrated King Day in the Netherlands. Our king turned 47 today.
In Dutch villages local Orange Associations entertain the public. Offering games, music and activities.
Like ‘ringsteken’ where horses and carriages are involved.
The carriage has to ride at speed and a second person in the carriage tries to spear a ring while passing.


Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta
Click the picture for a larger version



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  1. My daughter is in The Netherlands with family right now and she spent the day with a cousin in Amsterdam at a festival. She is having a ball and was so happy to be there for the first Koning Dag in so long. I loved Koningingen Dag when I lived there. it must be quite something to have a King finally after three Queens.


        1. She enjoys The Netherlands a lot. it helps that she is pretty fluent with the language. And her extended family are a big drawcard. But then when I left, even though born in Australia, I was terribly homesick for The Netherlands for a very long time.


  2. I really like your explanation above about why your photos fit the theme… I like your way of thinking 🙂 It expressed how I feel in China… no idea what they are saying or what signs advertise. I wish I knew more… I do know more than when I came, but not enough to have meaningful converstations. That part of life I really miss here.


      1. It is now hard to read them… and all your time and effort may go unnoticed. WP has changed some things lately maybe they don’t allow the cut and paste anymore and want us to use the links tool bit within the post… which is even MORE time consuming!


        1. I think the new layout makes it more difficult to see who’s posting in general but also what links are read already. That is not very friendly.
          However, you can still copy all the tiles and past them but then you get a bit of a graphic colourburst behind the text.
          The amount of hits on my blog dropped since they changed it, but there are more terrible things in the world happening. 🙂


        2. I guess change is good, but sometimes it looks nice, but isn’t always as user friendly like you say. I see where you are getting the links now… those little coloured tiles at the bottom of the post. I think if you have read them it is a pink hue over the tile. I had a few like that the other day, so I am guessing that is what it means.
          A work program we use just changed and it is less user friendly and it has become frustrating. All these changes are sometimes hard especailly without warning!


        3. When you are writing a post there is the tab where you upload media. Under that there is a tool bar with colour, bold, italics etc. More to the centre/right there is also a ‘link’ (like a chain link) and then a ‘broken link’. That is where you add ‘hyper links’. A new window opens then you paste (or type) the direct web address. That creates the blue hyper link and then it will be purple once clicked. It is time consuming though because you will have to go to each web page to copy the web link (like http://canadiantravelbugs.wordpress.com/2014/04/27/people-pixelventures-photo-challenge/ ) and paste it in that box to create the hyper link from your page to another.
          Does that help? Sorry teacher mode kicked in so I may have gotten into a mini lesson 😉
          Does that make sense?


        4. Thank you! I use this to copy in URL’s for links at the moment. But I try to copy URL’s out of text of previous post as much as possible. Thank you for getting in the teacher mode!


        5. LOL… it is time consuming that way to use the ULR, but it may help your format issues. There may be still a way to cut and paste, but I am not computer savy 😉


  3. Lois and Lyno are so beautiful that it makes me want to weep ! To whom do they belong ? Do people get to see them often ? Are they pintos ? Appaloosas ? Can you please post more photos of them ? 😀


    1. I have no idea what race they are, the public announcer said something about it but I did not store it I think. They are privately owned. But I have no idea who. I could dive into it if you want to know more. I can post a few more of them later, no worries


  4. What has happen here, I have left a comment to this post – and it’s now here. I’m back anyhow.
    Some great and strong looking horses .. all dressed up for the occasion. Beautiful gallery.


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